This is the second year Ilkley Round Table have made a donation towards a residential break, which has meant that over 150 people this year were able to take part in a 3 night activity trip to Centre Parcs Whinfell Forest. The contribution from IRT meant that many families were able to take a carer with them, to provide an extra pair of hands so they could try out new activities, spend time with siblings, or provide a couple of hours break for parents.


One parent said, “Bringing a carer meant that we could have quality time together with extra help. And to have some free time knowing that our son was out having fun with his carer. Oliver enjoyed swimming, horse riding, bowling and spending time with his friends. Every day is a struggle, but knowing we have support from LS29 makes it more bearable and so much to look forward to with amazing people that can relate to how we feel. We were able to go to a spa for 3 hours and relax, to have time away from the every day routine”.


Knowing that other people were there from the group was a great support for parents, especially in and around the pool area.


Some of our children were able to try out new activities, including reaching the top of a climbing wall, playing badminton for the first time and wanting to learn how to ride a bike.


In particular, many parents said how beneficial it was for their children to have the chance to interact with others. For those who find it difficult to establish friendships, it created lots of opportunities for social communication, learning how to make friends and play. All of the families were located within cul-de-sacs within close proximity, so children were able to play out and explore their surroundings. Parents and siblings were also given the chance to meet LS29 group families, make new friends and share experiences with others in similar situations.


One family described it as ‘an uplifting experience, and loved seeing the children getting more independent and having fun together”. Others do not get many chances to spend quality time with their families due to their child’s disability, and the change of routine and the additional support meant they were able to enjoy special time together. Lots of fun and happy memories were made and we are extremely grateful to Ilkley Round Table for making this happen.


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